Our Company


IER Power Technology S.A DE C.V began in January of 2002 as a company focused on offering solutions in electronic technology systems used in the operations of oil and gas extraction, starting with improvements and innovations in data acquisition systems of work over equipment and geophysics systems.

In 2003 the company expanded its work field, focusing on the installation of electric and electronic systems used in the generation and power control of drilling, motor protection and control equipment.

In 2005 the company began to install and offer maintenance to safety systems in all types of installments, to gas and fire detection systems, paging systems, CCTV system and circuit perimeter control system. Coupled with this it began installing VSAT communication systems and radio links. We currently have a wide range of services for the oil industry as well.


We exist to satisfy the needs of our clients, installing equipment of the highest quality and latest technology in terms of safety, service and competitive prices.


We strive on being leaders in the oil sector where we participate, offering quality services and advanced technology where the investment of our customers is the most profitable in the market.



We consider each and every one of the people that work within the company, as well as the external users, as individuals worthy of attention and consideration, with interests beyond the professional field.

Responsibility and Trust

Each of us who work in this institution, enjoy the confidence of taking responsibility for the outcome of our work and take our own decisions within our corresponding fields.


Encourage the flow of corporate communication, which implies clarity in the transmission of ideas and information , as well as a responsible attitude from the receiver. Teamwork. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, so it is necessary to boost the team, respecting differences, joining efforts and building with the contributions of everyone.