Security Policy, Occupational Health and Environmental Protection.

This declaration of politics must influence our daily activities and decisions, including those that play a part in the selection of our resources, information, design and operation of our working systems. The challenge of effective implementation in practice must be supported by communication and promotion of capacity, enabling elements to achieve the goal of 0 accidents through responsible and informed contributions.

  • Implement and comply with the range of policies and programs for safety, health and environmental protection in our facilities and in our interventions on the customer's premises.

  • Provide the necessary resources to meet the requirements of our clients seeking to exceed their expectations.

  • Measure the safe execution of activities in the workplace and strengthen those behaviors that lead to efficient and successful operations.

  • Taking care of our colleagues and work according to the provisions of Safety, Health at Work and Environmental Protection.

  • Recognize and minimize the risks inherent in our activities and those that are associated in the processes of our clients that may endanger the physical integrity of our workers.

  • Assist in the quest for better alternatives to doing things.

  • Demonstrate leadership and a good example. Visible leadership and commitment to keep the focus on the implementation of the Safety, Health at Work and Environmental Protection and to maintain an active operational discipline in favor of all is required.


For IER POWER TECHNOLOGY S.A DE C.V, training of our human resources is of vital importance because it contributes to personal and professional development of individuals which generates benefits to the company…

IER POWER TECHNOLOGY staff constantly updates their knowledge with new techniques and methods which guarantee optimization, quality, and safety forefront in our work, the main sources of welfare for the staff and organization.

Our human factor plays a key role in giving value to our organization. We comply with the commitments undertaken, and when possible exceed them, seeking to improve our performance and work every day fulfilling our responsibility and ensuring that the results of our activities contribute to add value in the processes that we participate in.

Human relations in IER POWER TECHNOLOGY, are valued through respectful, cordial and equitable treatment of all staff members . In IER POWER TECHNOLOGY SA DE C.V. we rely on respecting people, which is reflected on a high level of human quality.

Certified Staff

Our human factor plays a key roll in providing value to our organization.